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We are a BOUTIQUE in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach, VA. 

Our goal is to improve our client’s look and well-being, in a space that is both LIGHT and POSITIVE. 

You will find a culture of integrity and trust. 


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We will analyze your skin and consider your lifestyle to create the perfect solution to integrate home and salon treatments 

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With over 30 years of experience and using an in depth consultation process 

you will experience an enhanced you! 


In keeping with the Violet White philosophy, we strive to create a space to fit your personal and individual needs. 

Upon entering our peaceful environment, you will be whisked away into deep relaxation to enhance mind, body and spirit. 

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We understand the intricacies of skincare and will assist you in every way to find a regimen that is perfect for you. 


A unique and experienced establishment that focuses on holistic spa products and services that are freshly customized for your skin’s needs. Treatment areas are private and cozy with the comforts of home. We’re professional skin care experts offering a variety of facials, waxing, makeup and body treatments dedicated to keeping your skin clean, clear, calm and youthful. 

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and satisfied. 


If you are looking for an expert who values your best interest. It is our guarantee that you will have a wonderful spa experience!