Skin Barrier Problems and Solutions 

When we over-cleanse, over-exfoliate, and all-out over-do our skin care it can have damaging effects on the epidermis of the skin – aka the skin barrier. Read on for more info on the causes of skin barrier issues and solutions to those problems. 


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What is the Skin Barrier? 

Red, Dry, Itchy, Oh My 

Skin Barrier Repair Solutions 



What is the Skin Barrier? 

Before getting into the problems and solutions that surround Barrier Repair, we must ask: “What the heck even is the barrier?” We already know that skin is the largest organ in the body, but did you know it makes up almost 15% of your total body weight? It is composed of a vast, complex network of various cells, proteins, ceramides, and lipids—but arguably, the most vital component of all is the skin barrier. 

In order to understand what the skin barrier does, you need to know that the skin is made up of three main individual layers: the top is the epidermis, the middle is the dermis, and the bottom is the hypodermis. The skin barrier, found on the Epidermis, duties are protecting your body from external stressors (like pollution, bacteria, and UV radiation), retaining water to keep your body and skin hydrated, and transporting vital nutrients to your skin. The skin barrier is also the main determinant of how healthy your skin is looking. 

Did you know… the PH of the skin’s barrier is 4.5 to 5.5? As it turns out many innocent-looking over-the-counter products that are marketed as pure can actually reach a PH as high as Comet, like many bar soaps.  



Red, Dry, Itchy, Oh My 

There are many problems that can occur as a result of a weakened skin barrier. You may experience: 

– Skin Irritation 

– Flakiness 

– Chronic Dryness 

– Redness 

– Clogged Pores 

– Oiliness

– Blemishes 

– Lines 

– Dryness

– Rosacea 

– UV Damage

– Stinging  

– Flushing  

– Visible Capillaries  

– Environmental Stress  

– Eczema

– Psoriasis 


If you encounter these problems, chances are they all stem from a weakened skin barrier. There are a couple of different things that can harm your skin barrier. Genetics along with age are inevitable changes to the skin barrier, however environmental damage and poor skin care habits are often unintentional mistakes that play a role because you may not realize the harmful effects.  

– The products you use: Using the wrong products, or just plain too many, can negatively disrupt your skin barrier. Skin care formulas containing drying alcohol, synthetic fragrance, or harsh essential oils in them can really damage your skin and strip it of its natural nutrients. 

– Your surroundingsEnvironmental aggressors, including UV rays and pollution, can also wreak havoc on your skin.  



Skin Barrier Repair Solutions 

The signs of a damaged skin barrier include dryness, dullness, redness, sensitivity, and breakouts. Luckily, we offer many solutions to reverse the damage! 

– PRACTICE GOOD SKIN CARE! Our number one solution for repairing your skin’s barrier is to perfect your basic skin care routine. There are a lot of problems that can be reduced and eradicated by a good basic skin care routine. Book a consult with us to find your perfect routine. 

– Sensitive Skin Facial: If you are dealing with irritation due to a poor skin barrier, it means that your skin is in a heightened sensitive state. A sensitive skin facial is a gentle resolution. 

– Our Professional Emergency Treatment Solution: There is a special emergency treatment that we will use in our treatments. We mix emergency soothing powder with a softening gel to quickly reduce visible irritation and negative sensations. It leaves skin feeling super luscious, cool, and soothed. When a client comes in super red-faced and wrecked, this is what we will do for them. 

– Custom Blending Inflammation Additive: In some of our treatments and custom blending of products (more info coming soon)we use Bioelements Inflammation Inhibitor which triple-targets visible, invisible, and sensory inflammation. 

– Check for Product Allergens: The products and services we provide are fully free of the top 7 known allergens: peanuts, wheat, eggs, shellfish, milk, soybeans, and tree nuts. 


Find your perfect routine through a consult with our esthetician here: 




April marks Rosacea Awareness Month! Rosacea is a chronic disorder of the facial skin, often characterized by flare-ups of redness and irritation. April also marks the beginning of spring – a change of seasons that brings about its own difficulties when it comes to the skin. All of us experience slight disruptions in our skin’s condition with the change in seasons. We may experience more than our normal sensitivities, blemishes, and even dullness and redness at the same time, go figure. Anyway, we are here to talk about your unique skin story and assist in prescribing adjustments to get you back on track! Throw away the old, outdated products, especially OTC medications, and come to see us for a consult about what you have left or a Sensitive Treatment Kit soon! 

Peace, Love, and Happiness to you, 




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