Our How-To Guide to Beautiful Under-Eyes 

The under-eye area is one of the first areas of your skin to show the signs of aging. Taking care for the skin under your eyes is just as important as the skin around the eye area as it is the most sensitive area on your face. Read this guide for a break down on how exactly you should be caring for the skin that surrounds your eyes. 



In this guide you’ll see 

Key Ingredients to Look for 

Making Your Routine 

The Services We Provide 

Key Products We Recommend 



Key Ingredients to Look for 


When working to reverse aging in your under-eye area there are 5 key ingredient categories that you don’t want to miss.  

Exfoliating – Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Mandelic Acid  

Tightening – Peptides, Caffeine 

Brightening – Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Caffeine 

De-puffing – Caffeine 

Moisturizing – Ceramides, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera 



 Making Your Routine 


In order to properly get those under-eyes in check, there are 3 main Keys to the Kingdom you want to make sure you incorporate into your routine. First, you want to increase your circulation. Getting the blood flowing in your eye area will relax the muscles and diminish lines, while improving blood flow. Secondly, you want to influence drainage. Gently massaging or tapping around your eyes and sinuses can help drain away extra fluid. Lastly, you want to apply cool temperatures to the area. Using cooling temperatures will help to constrict and tone the tissues. 

For your routine we recommend 3 easy steps: 


  1. Thoroughly and completely cleanse, removing all makeup from the area 
  2. Hydrate the delicate tissues with a good toner 
  3. Use a daytime and nighttime eye cream 

Super Star Tip Treat Weekly: Exfoliate and Mask 



Services We Provide 


Fast Results Eye Smoother – This treatment is a relaxing facial for the eye area as an anti-aging eye treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, de-stressing acupressure massage, and a hydrating/cooling mask. Come out of your treatment with eyes that are fresh, bright & younger-looking. 

Fast Results Eye Enhancer – This express treatment gives you a relaxing anti-aging eye treatment that includes gentle cleansing, exfoliating, a de-stressing acupressure massage, and a hydrating/cooling mask. Come out looking your best with relieved tired eyes. 

Add In Anti-Aging Eye Enhancer Micro-Treatment – Add this service on to any facial or body treatment. This express treatment gives you a relaxing anti-aging eye treatment that includes a de-stressing acupressure massage and a hydrating/cooling mask.  Come out of your treatment refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

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Key Products We Recommend 


General Products: 

Bioelements Radiance Rescue – helps increase skin’s elasticity and moisturization, as it helps reduce the look of lines and puffiness around the eyes. Moisture keeps the skin soft and elastic while strengthening skin’s barrier. 

Bioelements Quick Refiner for Eyes – sweeps away lines and eliminates the signs of fatigued, aging eyes. Speeds cell turnover – boosting brightness and targeting stubborn milia. 

Daytime Products: 

Bioelements Multi-Task Eye Crème – works to brighten dark circles, moisturize to ease fine lines, and target the signs of aging around the eyes. 

Nighttime Products: 

Bioelements Sleepwear for Eyes – works while you sleep to moisturize and nourish thin, fragile skin. Improved appearance of wrinkle length and depth, crows feet targeted, and surface lines smoothed. 

Bioelements Sensitive Eye Smoother – shields against irritants as it restores the thin barrier around the eyes with protective ceramides. Also works to improve the appearance of darkness, reduces the look of puffiness, and targets inflammation. 

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Patting the product on at the outer corner of your eye and work your way toward the inner corner (this is the direction the muscle runs), using your bone as a guide. This will keep the product exactly where you need it, because to warmth of your skin will make the product migrate. Invest in a good make up remover with amazing added ingredients instead of cheap filler ingredients.  Makeup wipes leave unwanted residue that can cause irritation anywhere on your face but is especially likely to do so on the delicate skin under your eyes. 

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