Your Guide to Caring for Acne-Prone Skin 

We all know that healthy skin is the ultimate foundation when it comes to makeup, so it is vital to approach good skin care from both the inside and the outside! When using makeup on acne-prone skin the most important starting point is to use clean, non-comedogenic formulas like Jane Iredale. If your skin is covered in pimples and acne scars we’ve got the perfect fixes for you! 

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Supplement with Supplements 

Upgrade Your Skin Care Ingredients 

Prioritize Clean Makeup Formulas 


Supplement with Supplements! 

We all know that healthy skin is the ultimate foundation when it comes to makeup, so it is vital to approach good skin care from both the inside and the outside. Whereas topical products (the ones that go directly on the skin) only affect the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin, supplements can have a deeper effect, resulting in longer lasting results. Jane Iredale supplements are a natural way to improve the skin that aid in getting faster more enduring results from your beauty regimen. Each of the five supplements feed your skin from within, containing specific nutrients to help keep your skin beautiful and healthy. The Skincare Supplements are designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin by nourishing it where topical creams can’t reach. As Jane Iredale says, “It’s skin beauty, inside and out!” 


Upgrade Your Skin Care Ingredients 

We know that figuring out which acne product to buy can be super confusing when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. There is definitely an overwhelming amount of options, but for acne remedies, it is important to understand a product’s features before you buy. There is a great number of ingredients you should be looking for when shopping acne products, but these are our top eight! 


Salicylic Acid (BHA) penetrates pores and reduces blackheads/whiteheads. This beta-hydroxy acid is an effective and powerful exfoliant that helps keep pores clear by exfoliating inside the hair follicle and comes from Willow tree bark. 


Benzoyl Peroxide feeds oxygen into the skin killing anerobic bacteria, removing excess oil, and exfoliating dead skin cells. When using Benzoyl Peroxide, it’s best to build up tolerance to this powerful ingredient over time. Watch out though– this heavy-weight ingredient has been known to bleach fabrics. 


Clay is not just for making pottery – clay is a calming ingredient in acne treatments (usually masks) thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to soothe the skin and temporarily reduce oil production. 


Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA’S) sloughs off dead skin cells that cause pimple-producing clogged pores and leave you with smoother, softer skin. 


Retinol exfoliates the dead skin cells that cause clogs and lead to acne. It also minimizes the appearance of large pores. 


Glycolic Acid (AHA) releases and dissolves dead skin cells resulting in clearing up blocked pores and blackheads. It reacts with the top layer of skin, breaking it down by dissolving sebum and other substances that bind cells together. 


Sulfur removes dead skin cells that clog pores and helps remove excess oil. It’s often combined with other ingredients, such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or resorcinol. Products containing sulfur may cause dry skin. And some products have an unpleasant odor. 


Tea-tree Oil is a natural blemish-fighter that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help calm acne. Research has shown that 5 percent tea-tree oil has results comparable to 5 percent benzoyl peroxide. But this natural remedy can be too harsh for some; people with sensitive skin or eczema should be careful about using tea-tree oil. 


Lactic Acid (AHA) is a larger molecule; therefore, it is less volatile than Glycolic Acid. This means it’s great for inflamed irritated skin and it has a hydrating effect to help balance the skin. 


Charcoal has antibacterial properties that absorb oil and dirt, thus helping to lift bacteria from the pores. This ingredient can help reverse the side effects of pollution and leave skin fresh and smooth.  


Prioritize Clean Makeup Formulas 

Jane Iredale provides beauty that can perform without harmful toxins, strengthen skin with beneficial botanicals, and bring out the absolute best of your skin! Their skin-boosting formulas combine smart skincare science and powerful natural ingredients, so you can enjoy the long-wear performance while also strengthening and nourishing your skin. Each and every one of their products are free from fragrances, preservatives, and fillers that could cause irritation. Jane Iredale also completes rigorous testing to ensure their formulas are safe and effective for even the most sensitive skin. They partner with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, estheticians, and makeup artists to create skin-loving formulas that achieve beautiful results, so you don’t have to choose between the skin you want and the look you love!  

The words “Clean Beauty” represent an evolution that has taken place in the makeup industry which encompasses ingredients, manufacturing, testing, and a whole world of other elements. Its standards require brands to leave out toxic ingredients and incorporate therapeutic ones, to harvest such ingredients in mindful ways, to test them in humane ways and to package them in responsible ways. Clean doesn’t just mean good for your body, it means sustainable for the environment and considerate to all creatures that live and will live in that environment.