Why You Need to Get a Chemical Peel 

So, we know you may tend to cringe at the sound of the word peel, right? Peels have received a bad rap over the years because of how they can be and, in the spa industry, what they used to be. BUT, improving many skin imperfections and pesky problems through peels can reveal your true skin. Read on to see how peels uncover the beautiful skin you already have, what’s unique about our peel services and the different types of peels. 


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Why You Need a Peel 

Reveal Amazing Skin Peel Options 

Exfoliating and Post-Exfoliation Product Recommendations 



Why You Need a Peel 

We know the words “chemical peel” can be super intimidating when you don’t know what you’re dealing with – and the picture of dead skin peeling of the skin like a snake’s shedding may also come to mind. However, a Chemical Peel may not be quite what you think! It is the perfect way to slough off all the dead skin that builds up on the skin’s surface! By getting rid of all that dead skin, chemical peels can help minimize wrinkles, dullness, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and may also help skin disorders like acne and rosacea. The most common chemical exfoliants include Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA). In a nutshell, AHA’s exfoliate your skin’s surface while BHA’s penetrate deeper inside the pore to treat acne, congestion, and breakouts. It is perfectly fine to combine both AHAs and BHAs. In this way, the AHAs can treat your uneven skin tone while BHAs can treat the acne and breakouts that begin deep within your skin. SO COME GET A PEEL! 



Reveal Amazing Skin Peel Options 

Here at Violet White Total Body Care, we offer a variety of custom peel options, and come with the benefit of fresh skin and a soft, smooth, and renewed surface! What sets our peel services apart from the rest is the personalized experience every client receives as we analyze the skin condition and consider their treatment goals!  

New BEST FAST RESULTS TREATMENTS EVER: If you are short on time but still need a treatment, these quick, yet highly personalized, treatments will revitalize your skin in just 30 minutes! The Fast Results Peel addresses roughness, dullness, fine lines and inflamed acne breakouts. We like to call this a lunch time peel because if you need something quick and easy, this is definitely going to be your go-to! 

Skin Treatment: New ULTRA RESURFACING TREATMENT: This treatment will awaken the skin as we dramatically remove aging and pore clogging dead skin cells and target dullness with multi-active exfoliating treatments that are ideal for all skin types. This treatment is even perfect for sensitive skin with zero recovery downtime. Achieve the best results with a series of treatments. Enjoy appropriate customized cleansing, physical exfoliation (manual derm-abrasion or dermaplaning) and skin sedation, plus a power treatment targeted to your skin.  

The Purging Ultra Detox Chemical Peel addresses years of visible damage and aging signs as it visibly tightens, unclog pores, improve lines, and leaves skin with a velvety smooth feel.  

This is an option under of the Targeted Facials SMOOTH & CLEAN Powerful Surface Peel / Enzyme Exfoliation Treatment addresses prematurely aged, surface wrinkled, break out prone skin, acne dark spots for visible clearer, brighter less lined and smoother skin 




Our Exfoliating and Post-Exfoliation Product Recommendations 

Bioelements has a fantastic selection of exfoliating products that we are proud to provide for our clients – and use ourselves! 

Pumice Peel: This exfoliating facial scrub’s spherical, ultra-fine, natural pumice crystals buff away dead, dulling cells to reveal fresh new skin. Pores appear smaller. Skin feels smoother. Surface lines and wrinkles appear to fade. 

Amino Mask: Spend 15 minutes with the secret weapon for acne. Its OTC 5% sulfur formula penetrates pores, removes excess oils and reduces acne pimples, while exfoliating lactic acid removes dulling dead cells to keep skin smooth and clear. A gentle, effective acne mask that treats breakouts and allows the skin to heal. 

Measured Micrograins +: A complete skin workout from warm-up to cool-down, this next-generation scrub exfoliates, controls oil, strengthens, then calms skin. Natural jojoba beads, pore-refining and oil-balancing ingredients, plus an invigorating, strengthening blend of plant extracts and essential oils leave skin with a refreshingly cool physiological sensation. 

Quick Refiner for Eyes: This fast-acting, clinically proven gentle peel features exfoliating enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids to sweep away lines and eliminate the signs of fatigued, aging eyes. Speeds cell turnover – boosting brightness and targeting stubborn milia – as comforting botanicals envelop skin in soothing moisture. Created specifically for the most delicate, sensitive skin under the eyes. 

Quick Refiner: Targets pores, dullness and lines as it brightens the entire complexion. This facial exfoliator is formulated with powerful beta and alpha hydroxy acids including glycolic and multi-fruit acids. Bioelements exclusive blend of multi-fruit acids, Alphablend, is a total percentage 5%. You’ll see results in as little as one day. 

Skin Editor: Skin Editor’s incredibly elegant leave-on formula features dual-depth penetrating 3% glycolic and 7% lactic acid, plus brightening kombucha and soothing Canadian willowherb. This powerful exfoliator works to edit skin imperfections and long-term damage to instantly smooth rough and bumpy texture, diminish dullness, brighten dark damage, improve clarity + color, target congestion, hydrate, and reduce the look of lines – all without harsh skin-stripping or surface-scraping. 

Kerafole: Reveal new radiance with this cult-fave, 10-minute tingling face mask with natural exfoliating citric and malic acids, plus hydrating algae, stimulating ginko biloba and kelp. Skin appears brighter and feels smoother. Impurities gone. Pores improved. Skin revitalized. 

Jane Iredale has a great collection of clean, nonirritating makeup products to use after exfoliation, to nourish your skin in its sensitive state! 

PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation SPF 20/15: A pressed mineral foundation that is slightly more sheer and matte than the loose powders made from micronized minerals, oil free and weightless.  

Dream Tint® Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15: Formulated with lightweight minerals, a tinted moisturizer that not only hydrates and provides sheer to medium coverage but helps prevent trans-epidermal water loss. 

LipDrink® Lip Balm SPF 15: Quench your lips with hydrating protection that will leave lips feeling moisturized, protected and refreshingly scented. 

Powder-Me SPF® 30 Dry Sunscreen: A weightless, dry, physical SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen for face, body and scalp in a refillable flow-through vegan brush. Wear alone or over makeup. 


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What a good place to be in, now enjoying the opportunity to see and feel fresh smooth skin once again. I look so forward to seeing you and cultivating a glowy skin game plan with you!


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