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Itchy, dry, flaky, red, patchy, rough, oily oh my! When we use the wrong products, or just too many, we can damage our skin’s barrier. This can result in itchiness, dry skin, redness, flaking, the list goes on and on. Read for our expert solutions to get your skin out of the sensitive zone and back on track to the skin of your dreams. 


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Key Ingredients 

Key Products 



Key Ingredients 


Strong skin barriers are necessary to protect the skin and its contents from damaging substances that would otherwise penetrate and absorb into the skin. The barrier also keeps in nourishment and moisture. Whether your skin’s barrier is damaged or healthy, it’s good to nourish it with repairing ingredients such as fatty acids, cholesterol, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. 


Here are some ingredients to look for in products that promote skin barrier repair: 

  • Silver Ear Mushroom: provides anti-oxidation, soothes redness, and calms reactive skinThis ingredient is a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid that holds up to 500x its weight in water — it helps form a barrier-protective hydration film, to keep skin nourished over longer periods of time. 
  • Rhodiola Extract: maintains water balance in the skin and increases blood flow in cells to reduce puffinessThis ingredient delivers more energy and blood flow to the cells, which reduces puffiness and dark circles  maintains the water balance in cells, for a strong moisturizing effect. 
  • Beta Glucan: soothes irritation and can protect the skin from pathogens and allergensThis ingredient soothes irritation, rebalances, and protects the barrier while also decreasing itching, irritation, tension, dryness, redness, and roughness to strengthen the skin barrier. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid: binds water to skin and has deep moisturizing effectsThis ingredient is a naturally occurring substance that retains up to 1000 times its weight in water; it binds moisture to surface layers. 
  • Ceramides + Lipids: enhance moisturization and prevent moisture lossThis ingredient restores barrier function, enhances moisturization, and prevents moisture loss. 



Key Products

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Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil 

This cleansing oil is a 2-in-1 makeup remover & cleanser with soothing, reparative plant oils and olive oilsIt gently cleanses away makeup, dirt, and skin impurities. This unique blend of plant and olive oils will repair your weakened skin barrier, reduce inflammation, and fight free radicals leaving delicate skin clean, soft and soothed. Includes barrier strengthening, fatty acid rich hemp seed oil and antioxidant vitamin E. 



Soothing Reset Mist 

This hydrating mist has hydrating aloe, chamomile, and silver ear mushroom for intolerant skin. It will leave sensitive skin nourished, hydrated, and protected. It’s made with therapeutic aloe vera and chamomile, plus deeply moisturizing and barrier strengthening Chinese medicinal silver ear mushroom to comfort, reduce visible redness, and calm reactive skin. 



Sensitive Eye Smoother 

This crème strengthens, brightens + de-puffsIt shields against irritants as it restores the thin barrier around the eyes with protective ceramides. This product works to improve the appearance of darkness, reduces the look of puffiness, and targets inflammation with a blend of linseed, rhodiola root and Chinese silver ear mushroom, for instant and long-term hydration. 



Barrier Fix Daily Hydrator 

This moisturizer is made with whipped hyaluronic acid and silver ear mushroom to calm reactive skinIt is a clinical moisturizing treatment that targets irritation and strengthens sensitive skin’s barrier. This whipped blend of moisture-locking hyaluronic acid plus Chinese silver ear mushroom supply comforting hydration deep into the skin, to protect against inflammation and help to restore barrier damage. It is made with redness-reducing natural plant glucosides and ceramides, to diminish signs of overactive skin.  



Amazon.com: Bioelements Oxygenation Revitalizing Facial Treatment Cream, 1 Fl Oz: Premium Beauty


This is a revitalizing facial treatment creme with stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The boost of stabilized hydrogen peroxide plus lavender oil diffuses directly into the skin’s cellular layers – as the molecules “push” their way down, they transport active ingredients into the skin. It gives skin exhausted by age, stress, or smoke a clean, fresh feeling with refined radiance. Consider it a revitalizing breath of fresh air for sapped skin.  



Amazon.com: Bioelements Measured Micrograins Plus, 2.5 Fl Oz: Premium Beauty

Measured Micrograins + 

This is a multi-action facial scrub for all skin types, including sensitiveIt is a complete skin workout from warm-up to cool-down. This next-generation scrub exfoliates, controls oil, strengthens, then calms skin. It is made with natural jojoba beads, pore-refining and oil-balancing ingredients, plus an invigorating, strengthening blend of plant extracts and essential oils that leaves skin with a refreshingly cool physiological sensation.  



Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum

Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum 

This age-resistant probiotic facial serum is a natural microflora balance that is essential for skin to remain age-resistant and strong. This advanced formula is packed with active probiotics immersed in soy and rice milk proteins to fight the visible effects of aging like lines and wrinkles, so skin appears younger, visibly smooth, and undisturbed with one serum. The anti-aging probiotics in this formula will target the effects of external stressors and help skin resist redness and fight lines. 



Bioelements Stress Solution - Skin Soothing

Stress Solution 

This is a skin-soothing serum for sensitive skinThis lightweight serum protects against visible irritation caused by over-exfoliation, environmental irritants, aggressive topical products, or chronic sensitivity. It is formulated with comforting honeysuckle flower, cornflower, and licorice root, plus vitamins E and A. This product soothes and cools stressed skin, locks in moisture improves texture, and helps the skin look healthy and feel exceptionally smooth. 




I have held a state-issued professional beauty license since 1986.  I have seen thousands of faces and countless examples of poor skin conditions that could be corrected with simple good grooming habits that include products that are healthy and properly suited for their skin. Getting the simple things right with their products like a balanced PH, free of dyes, fragrance, petroleum, and talc to name a few things to avoid, could go a very long way. Healthy, balanced skin is a good place to be. This place is very different for each person, and I look so forward to discussing what that means for you!

You are special and unique, 

Love Violet 


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