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How We Keep the Salon Clean 

We all know sanitization is now more important than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic. From all the overpowering flower-scented hand sanitizers to the flower printed face masks we see bobbing around, it is impossible not to notice the extra precautions we have to take to stay healthy these days. We follow many practices and procedures to keep both our clients and employees safe, in addition to the practices we had before the pandemic. 

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Cleaning the Salon 

Linen Sanitation Service 

Treatment Procedures 



Cleaning the Salon 

While we love and trust all of our clients to help us ensure our salon remains spick and span, we follow a rigorous cleaning process to fight against any germs that may spread through contact with surfaces throughout our spaAnything that employees or clients touch are constantly cleaned with soap and water as well as germicide to follow what we call wash then sanitize” routine. Multicide and Barbicide have been approved by the EPA as a disinfectant that will prevent the spread of COVID-19. We use these alongside 70% alcohol regularly to ensure cleanliness in the salon. We clean non-porous items such as brushes and tweezers with soap and water, dry, immerse in disinfectantremove, rinse, dry, spritz with 70 % Alcohol and place in a closed container. We discard any porous items such as gauze pads and wax strips immediately into a closed trash container.  



Linen Sanitation Service 

Now, we know you all love to get nice and comfortable in our treatment beds, wink-wink, so we make sure our linens stay spotless. To ensure our sheets and towels used in treatments remain perfectly sanitized after use we use a sanitation serviceSanitary Linensfor professional cleaning. Sanitary Linens is, in their own words, “A sustainable, energy-efficient, recycling company protecting the health, hygiene and image of the communities we serve.” After the client leaves the treatment room, we immediately remove all linens and place them into a closed hamper to be transported into our pickup container. When the clean linens are returned to us we fold and place them in closed cabinets or other storage areas.  



Treatment Procedures 

Before our beloved clients come in for their treatments, it is important that we prep ahead of time for your visits. We start prepping for treatments by making sure that all surfaces, devices, linens, and tools are cleaned and disinfected. We also put all needed materials together ahead of time, taking the time to set up “service trays” to avoid touching any bottles and then touching the client during services. In addition to this, we use disposable materials such as wax sticks, spatulas, bikinis, and table paper to avoid any cross-contamination between clients, furthermore, we never double-dip into product containers such as wax pots as well as our amazing creams and other concoctions. Anything that is touched during the service that is indispensable is cleaned with the same process as everything else in the salon using the “wash then sanitize” routine as mentioned above.  



Believe it or not these have always been our regular cleaning practices. The current “sick” environment has made it more important than ever to communicate how dedicated we are to doing our part of keeping us all as healthy and as happy as possible.  Fun fact: Essential oils can be amazingly effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungus. Yes, you guessed it! It’s the unmentioned backup plan. Yes, we soap and water wash, we disinfect with hospital-grade germicide, we sanitize with 70 % alcohol, but to top things off we use essential oils not only for the amazing smell but also for their antibacterial properties. If you have entered our place of business you have experienced the beautiful smells of essential oils in the air. Now you know how precious and protected you are.

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