How We Help You Build Your Perfect Bespoke Routines

When it comes to building your skin or makeup routines, it is important to have a plan to make sure you are using the right products in the right order as well as a good mix of professional treatments for maximum results. By booking a consult with us, we can help you figure out that perfect routine that will get your skin and makeup routines in check! 



In this post you’ll see 

Consultation Benefits 

A Birds-Eye-View 

Questions We’ll Ask 



Consultation Benefits 

Skin care and Makeup Consultations are important for us to give you a service that is perfectly tailored (bespoke) to your skin’s needs. Let’s say a client comes in with dry skin and asks for a moisturizer. If they went to a regular cosmetic store, they may be given one that works for a little while or maybe even not at all. If that client would come in to see us, we would ask vital questions to look at their complete skin care story and perhaps we could reveal that using bar soap may be drying out their skin, or perhaps the dead skin build-up is causing the skin to be dryer than usual, and no amount of moisturizer could be truly helpful. When we take the time out to seek and uncover the root of your skin care concerns, we can find the perfect corrective measures to get you on the road to the skin of your dreams!


Be Aware of the 80-20 Rule:  80% of the condition of your skin is due to what you do at home and the other 20% is due to professional treatments! 


A Birds-Eye-View 

To put it plain and simple, our consultations look like this: We want to find out what in the heck is troubling you and what you’re most concerned about. Then wwill find out how you got there and what we need to do to problem solve. We will look at what the gaps are on your regimen, spot what things in your routines are helping you and what things are not, and then we will keep the good and get rid of the bad. 

We will sort out your home care regime and point out the Dos and Donts.  

We have a Record-Keeping Sheet to assist in designing service and product recommendations as well as taking special notes for future reference. The skin is ever-changing and so your service and product regime will also. 



Did you know there are many factors that can greatly affect the outcome of your service? Some examples are: 

  • 2 hours or more of sun exposure within the last 24 hours  
  • Topical medically prescribed medications and OTC over the counter medications  
  • Certain medical conditions 
  • Allergies  


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Questions We’ll Ask 

There are a great number of things we will ask our clients during consults to ensure we can build their perfect routines.  

Our more general questions include: 

– What are the top 3 concerns? What is the most important thing to cover or accomplish for you – what are the goals for your skin or make-up look?  

– Allergies? 

– Skin Type?Is your skin Oily, Combination, Dry, Sensitive, or Acne-Prone?

– End Result or Focus? Is there a specific outcome you want? 

– Current regime?What are you currently using or doing and how has that been working?  What is a day typically like in your routine?  

What would the perfect solution look or feel like? Is there anything you can tell me about what you would like to change about the results that you are currently receiving?  


We will also ask more specific questions like: 

  1. After cleansing, my skin… 
    1. Becomes moderately oily within several hours, especially around my t-zone. 
    2. Becomes oily all over within a few hours. 
    3. Sometimes feels “tight” and I rarely experience any t-zone oil. 
    4. Becomes oily all over, and I notice clogged pores often paired with redness. 
    5. Often stings, itches, or burns. 
  2. My pores… 
    1. Are visible around my t-zone, and sometimes look clogged .
    2. Look large, and are visible all over my t-zone and cheeks .
    3. Look small – I don’t have many visible pores.
    4. Are often clogged, and I frequently have blackheads and whiteheads.
    5. I worry more about redness and irritation than pores.  
  3. My skin… 
    1. Can feel both dehydrated in spots and oily in others. 
    2. Is often shiny all over. 
    3. Tends to be thin-textured, flaky, and has small lines or wrinkles. 
    4. Often has breakouts. 
    5. Flushes easily, and sometimes can get blotchy, flaky, or dry. 
  4. When I run my fingertips across my face… 
    1. My skin feels rough in some areas and smooth in others. 
    2. I can see and feel the oil on my fingertips. 
    3. My skin feels rough, flaky, and/or thin. 
    4. I can feel bumps underneath my skin and active breakouts. 
    5. My skin often turns red if I run my fingers across it. 
  5. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels… 
    1. Sometimes oily and sometimes dry, depending on the area. 
    2. Greasy. 
    3. Dry and tight. 
    4. Like more pimples have developed overnight. 
    5. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable and irritated. 




Ancient literature suggests we love our neighbors as ourselves, not instead of ourselves. Now, I am not suggesting that you go over and cleanse your neighbor’s skin, but I am suggesting that you show yourself a little love by being present in the just-for-you moments like your skin care or makeup routines.  We can sometimes spend more time and effort on things we have zero control over and neglect the very things we can positively affect.  We may often check out in these private and mundane moments. Take a look, how is your skin responding to the current conditions in which your providing? Yes, you are the captain of that ship

How’s it going Cap’n?

Happy sailing, 




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