Clear, Fight, and Defend Your Skin Against Aging 

Fight against premature signs of aging and skin pollution with ten of our favorite skin defense ingredients! 

In this post you’ll see 

Clear the Way 

Fight Premature Aging  

Defend Against Pollutants 



Clear the Way 

We have talked time and again about how important it is to adequately cleanse the skin. Clean skin is critical! Build-up and residue give pollutants and skin degrading irritants a front-row seat while good nutrients and hydration are left with finding nooks and crannies to fill. Deep clean your skin, whisk away dead dulling cells, and expose new plump skin cells at the surface! Don’t skip out on this step of your routine! A clean slate to build upon is the name of the game here.  

A great cleanser for clearing out skin pollutions at the end of the day is Urban Undo. It binds to, vacuums up, & cleanses away cellular intoxicators while inhibiting the damage induced by urban dust – the atmospheric particulate matter found in air pollution, which settles on your skin and accelerates the appearance of lines, discoloration, excess oil, dehydration and sensitization. 


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Fight Premature Aging 

Using anti-aging ingredients is kind of like putting lemon juice on an apple slice. We like to think of it as “rust-proofing”. Using products with preventative ingredients allows us to slow down the process of aging and preserve the youthful state of our skin. Here are our top five ingredients to fight premature aging! 

Retinol: boosts collagen and speeds up cell turnover. It helps fade age spots, improve discoloration, reduce wrinkle size, and even out skin texture and tone. 

Peptides: protein fragments that, when applied topically, function to increase hydration and revitalize skin. As a result, lines are smoothed, and skin is more toned. 

Antioxidants: increase collagen production, repair elasticity, ease inflammation, reduce breakouts and can improve overall texture. You can find antioxidants in many forms including green tea extract and many fruit extracts, like the wild Australian plums in Plump Start. 

Phytonadione: another name for vitamin K used in many under eye formulas. When used with other quality ingredients, like antioxidants, phytonadione can help brighten deep under eye circles. 

Probiotics: provide a natural microflora balance that is essential for skin to remain age-resistant and strong. It can help fight the visible effects of aging like lines and wrinkles, so skin appears younger and visibly smoothed.  


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Defend Against Pollutants 

We all already know how much pollutants degrade the skin and lead to premature aging. Exposure to pollution whether it be smog, smoke, free radicals, and even extreme climate can cause many nasty side effects for your skin! We do not have time for dehydration, wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, weakened skin, dullness and sensitivity! Here are our top five ingredients to defend against pollutants! 


Activated Charcoal: helps to draw toxins from pollution up and out of the skin. If applied in a series, this ingredient can help reverse the side effects of pollution and leave skin fresh and smooth. 

Algae + Kelp: soothe the skin and maintain hydration. Red algae protects your skin against dryness and irritation caused by pollution by replenishing and maintaining skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). 

Antioxidants – Vitamin C, A + E: increase microcirculation, which helps stimulate the skin’s self-cleansing, self-healing and self-regenerating ability. They can also reverse some of pollution’s side effects by brightening skin and stimulating collagen to keep skin looking and feeling firmer. 

Chinese Herbs: Bioelements’ blend of Chinese herbs, ginseng, sumac, gotu kola, dong quai, watercress and jiogulan helps strengthen and balance the skin. This collection of ingredients work together to nourish skin, cleanse tissues, assist in the skin purging process and increase skin’s ability to bounce back. 

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf: has natural antibacterial properties, which helps the skin cleanse itself of bacteria and toxins. 

Malachite Extract: helps support skin’s natural cellular “damage protection” system and neutralize everyday skin-aging oxidative stress 

Sea Salt Minerals: can provide a whole cocktail of helpful minerals, including iron, manganese, selenium and zinc. These minerals help replenish and rebalance skin for proper function, thus preventing premature aging.  


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