One of Our COVID-Safe Procedures Explained

Working to allow our employees and clients to return to Violet White Total Body Care, safely and confidently, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been no easy task. Along with checking temperatures and wearing masks, we offer Curbside Pickup to limit the contact between our clients and our employees. Million Dollar Question: I need products or a gift certificate, but I am not scheduled to come in for an appointment – what should I do?



In this guide you’ll learn:

  1. Why COVID-Safe Procedures are Important
  2. Benefits of Curbside Pickup
  3. What our Curbside Pickup Looks Like



Why COVID-Safe Procedures are Important

Apart from protecting our employees, clients and our business, the steps we take to help prevent the transmission of the coronavirus also helps to protect our community. Curbside Pickup allows us to get you the products you need without the risk of transmitting COVID-19. Alongside product pickups, we follow many other guidelines as well, which you can read about here.



Benefits of Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup allows our clients to purchase products online, or by phone, and then drive to our location to get them, without having to enter the building. By having clients pick up their products, we can provide the convenience and ease of on-line ordering without the wait for delivery. Curbside pickup saves the wait time of online order delivery and reduces the time for shopping and browsing. The biggest benefit of them all is that we can continue to provide you with the products you need, while also maintaining a COVID-safe environment. At Violet White Total Body Care we try our best to provide the ultimate relaxing experience from your spa treatment to your product pickup!



What Our Curbside Pickup Looks Like

When ordering your products online, when you get to checkout make sure to choose “Hold for in-store pickup” under delivery information. Once you have completed your order go to our online booking site (linked below) and reserve your pickup time. Make sure to reserve a time that you know you can make. Come at your booked time and check-in so we can bring your order to your car or will leave it waiting for you at the front door. Need to come by after hours? No problem! We can leave it for you in our super-duper top-secret spot.

Click here to shop our products.

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Click here to reserve a virtual consult if you are ever unsure of what products you need. Scroll down to the “Skin Care” box and select reserve next to “Virtual Consult: SkinReading, Skin Analysis or Custom Blending Consultation”.



Our highest value is to bring good into this world very willfully and mindfully and if that goodness means making it easier for you to receive your goods that you so graciously acquire whilst supporting our small business…let’s do it!

Here it is all summed up between Covid and being a one-man show-I needs to know when your comin by maaaan”


Store Pick Up: Products and Gift Certificates all require a scheduled pick-up time slot: Click here to schedule a pickup. 

  1. Not sure about an exact time? We can leave it for you at the door and you can dash – no check-in required, just give us an approximate time.
  2. Know exactly the time you want to swing by? We will bring it to you at your car after you check-in via text or we hand it to you after ringing our doorbell.

Don’t forget you are treasured and surely loved by us!



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