Creating a COVID-Safe Salon

Our In-House Regulations Keeping Us All Safe 

Working to allow continued service at Violet White Total Body Care, safely and confidently, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been no easy task. We are doing our best to keep both our clients and employees safe in this trying time.


In this post we’ll explain :

1.Our COVID-Safety Entrance Form 

2.What Happens When You Arrive 

3.Our Additional COVID-Safety Procedures



Our COVID-Safety Entrance Form  

Prior to arrival we require that every client, every time fill out a COVID-Safety Entrance Form. You will be asked questions about any contact you may have had with anyone infected, if you have been infected yourself, existence of any symptoms, etc. This form is a crucial step to keep both you and us safe. This is cause for a pause to  think about any details surrounding your skin care, health, and procedures as seemingly  insignificant changes can make a big difference when it comes to the results of a high quality service. Because we are short-staffed due to COVID this will also give you the opportunity to inform us about any other questions, services, products, or specific concerns you have . We also need information that will determine if you are even eligible to receive the services requested – for instance sun exposure, medications, and various health conditions could hinder us from being able to provide said service. We also ask that you fill out the form ahead of time so we can properly set up for your appointment in a timely manner while also making sure we provide you with quality service that is  set to your specific needs.



What Happens When You Arrive? 

When you arrive to our salon stay in your car and notify us that you have arrived by texting Bo (our messaging system) by saying “I’m here.” or you can reply to the check-in message from us with “H”. When we are ready for you, we will either wave you on in or send you a text message . We ask that you properly wear your face mask to enter the building. Once inside, we will take your temperature and give you some hand sanitizer or you can wash your hands. We require that you wear your face mask for the entirety of your visit.



Our Additional COVID-Safety Procedures 

To keep our clients and employees safe we also prearrange all product pickups and services into reserved time slots. We can no  longer accommodate walk-in or drop-in visits. If you arrive early for your appointment, please remain in your vehicle until it’s your appointment time. You also must confirm your appointment prior to your pick-up or service. We are temporarily not accepting in-store product returns and exchanges. If getting a manicure or pedicure, please bring your own polish. 

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To help yourself be a superstar and remember our COVID procedures it’s as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Arrive with Face Covering and COVID-Safety Entrance Form already submitted
  2. Confirm Appointment when you receive the confirmation email message 
  3. Remain in your vehicle and let us know you are here by responding H to check-in text or tell Bo “I am here”

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