Consultations are an Integral Part of Seasonal Routines 

When it comes to building your skin or makeup routines, it is important to have a plan to make sure you are using the right products in the right order as well as a good mix of professional treatments for maximum results. Keeping a regular consultation schedule should be a part of your overall skin and makeup routine!  

In this post you’ll see 

Seasonal Skin Care 

Why You Need a Skin Care Consult 

Why You Need a Makeup Consult 


Seasonal Skin Care 

We are feeling the change in seasons here at Violet White Total Body Care! Did you know that your skin has different needs in different weather conditions? In some climates, like ours here in Virginia Beach, the weather changes drastically from season to season and fluctuates in between. You want to be prepared to handle the unique challenges each season brings to your skin! Even small seasonal changes to your skincare routine will keep your skin looking flawless all year round.  


So many things in our lives change when the seasons shift. Many of our routines and habits must change along with those shifts to keep up with the needs presented. Not only will the needs of your skin change within your skin care routine, but changes may have to happen with your makeup routine as well! While you can wear any makeup style any time of the year, the fall tends to favor deeper tones and bolder looks as opposed to lighter glowy summer makeup looks. Also, as your exposure to the sun begins to dwindle, your skin tone will likely lighten as we get deeper into the colder seasons. This means you may need to switch out your foundation shades and coverage preferences.  



Why You Need a Skin Care Consult 

Skin care consultations are extremely important to include in your larger scale skin care routine! As your skin’s needs change over the course of the year, it is important that you are coming to see us to adapt to those changes as they occur. To put it plain and simple, our consultations look like this: We want to find out what in the heck is troubling you and what you’re most concerned about. Then we will find out how you got there and what we need to do to problem solve. We will look at what the gaps are on your regimen, spot what things in your routines are helping you and what things are not, and then we will keep the good and get rid of the bad. There are a great number of things we will ask our clients during consults to ensure we can build their perfect routines.   

Our more general questions include:  

– What are the top 3 concerns? What is the most important thing to cover or accomplish for you – what are the goals for your skin or make-up look?   

– Allergies?   

– Skin Type? Is your skin Oily, Combination, Dry, Sensitive, or Acne-Prone? 

– End Result or Focus? Is there a specific outcome you want?  

– Current regime? What are you currently using or doing and how has that been working?  What is a day typically like in your routine?   

– What would the perfect solution look or feel like? Is there anything you can tell me about what you would like to change about the results that you are currently receiving? 


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Why You Need a Makeup Consult 

We have some bad news and some good news. Realistically, it can be tricky to make sure your foundation works for your skin year-round. Because of summer tans and vitamin D shortages during the winter months, your true skin tone can jump around depending on the season. This means that the foundation shade and formula that works for you in February, likely won’t match in August. However, the good news is we have the perfect foundation fit for you no matter what time of year. You may want to trade that light summer tinted moisturizer for something heavier – and we will have the perfect fit! All you have to do is come to see us and be open to switching it up! 


Fall is the perfect time to try something new! If you’ve had the same makeup routine for years, then it is time to book a makeup consult to try new looks and master application techniques! Fall is about dimension, so warm eyeshadows, dark eyeliner, dark brows, and bold lipsticks will provide the perfect balanced look. Autumn eyes are easy to pull off, because there are color combinations that work for every eye and hair color. Neutral browns and peaches combined with pale gold highlights can be used to pull off an incredible eye shadow look that will always turn heads. For a bolder look, search out a velvety matte shadow in a deep burgundy to bring the perfect warmth to your makeup routine. We can help you develop the perfect everyday fall makeup look complete with the techniques to execute them perfectly! 


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