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The Violet White Total Body Care Experience  

Here at Violet White Total Body Care, we aim to provide our clients with the ultimate relaxing and efficient spa experience. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, and beyond, we will work diligently to provide the results you need with a custom experience tailored to your needs. 



In this post you’ll see 

Preparing for a Spa Treatment

When You’re Here  

Before You Leave 

Salon Etiquette



Preparing for a Spa Treatment 

Before you come to see us there are a few steps you have to take prior to your appointment to guide you toward an amazing experience that is sure to satisfy you. Before contacting us, think about your schedule. Consider the days of the week and typical times of day that you are available without being in a time crunch. When you are not sure about your needs, feel free to book a consult time in addition to the service you think you would enjoy. If it has been 3 or more months it’s a great idea to book a product pick up or consult time to review and reevaluate your arsenal of ammunition. 80% of your beauty results are from your home care compared to the mere 20 % that is your once-a-month to quarterly professional treatment. This means that your at-home regime is very important. We are honored to provide you with very specialized recommendations and instructions, of course, requires a bit of time as well.

Without commitment, we will never start and without consistency, we will never finish and finally, without goals, we cannot achieve purposely.

 Click here for our online consultation.

When booking your time slot, there are two main methods. You can reserve your time slot over the phone with us, or reserve online. If you call to reserve your appointment, and we do not answer you will receive a text from our virtual assistant Bo. Follow the instructions he gives, and you can reserve your appointment yourself. Remember to answer his questions and if you get stuck say “chat with a person” otherwise he will assume you finished and your chat thread will be discarded.

Prior to arrival, you will fill out a COVID-Safety Entrance Form. Not only will you be asked questions about your possible contact with coronavirus, but we also use this form to properly set up your appointment ahead of time. To provide you with quality service that is set to your specific needs, we ask questions about your skin routines and concerns. You see, we begin preparing for your visit at the beginning of the day, assembling supplies, tools, and general product selections. Once we go over the safety and satisfaction consult, we finish assembling your service tray. Our service tray contains all the bits and pieces of heaven to create just for your treatments that also help us to prevent cross-contamination. 

There are also many things to consider, like what are your areas of concern? Is it your facial skin, body skin, sore/tight muscles, is it dry cracked heels??? Secondly, consider what is the most important focus of my treatments. It could be a specific result or fix – it could even just be the experience.  For example, you could ask for a facial and have these different things in mind:

  1. fresh and clean skin
  2. a menagerie of creams and concoctions applied/massaged on your skin
  3. remove blackheads (clogged pores)
  4. roughness/ dullness obliterated

My point is, we gotta think about these things in order to target our (yours and our) efforts.

To read more about our current procedures regarding coming in to see us during the COVID-19 pandemic click here. 



When You’re Here 

When you arrive to our salon, stay in your car and notify us that you have arrived by texting Bo (our messaging system) by saying “I’m here.” or you can reply to the check-in message from us with “H”. When we are ready for you, we will either wave you on in or send you a text message.  

Before we begin your treatment, we will go over your Safety Form and consult to determine your specific needs and concerns, so we can perfectly tune the treatment to what will be best for your skin. Our pre-treatment Skin Consult is a vital step for us to design solutions for your skin concerns and contraindications whether that be with services or products. 


Some of those questions:

-What are your top 3 concerns?

-What is the most important thing to cover or accomplish for you?

-What are your short or long-term goals for your skin or makeup look? 

-Do you have allergies? 

-Skin Type? Oily, Combination, Dry, Sensitive, or Acne 

-What kind of result or focus do you have in mind?  

-Current regime? History: what are you currently using or doing and how has that been working, what bits do you love? What is your routine consist of?

Over the last 30 years, I have heard many responses to the questions about what to accomplish in a spa treatment. The number one response is what should I do to keep my XYZ as healthy as possible. There are so many experts vying for your attention and willing to give you advice, magazines, youtube, and “blog post” LOL.  The problem is our bodies are all different and constantly changing. There are not a lot of absolutes, except of course science will always be science. Certain substances just are what they are but the million-dollar question is what will it be for you? This is why we do what we do, the second set of eyes, education on the subject matter, and a place to take notes and refer back to when you feel like you have no idea what is what. Ok now that we have discussed the many possibilities and concerns to focus on, the journey now begins. With a first look and a game plan, we begin our treatment! It is much like taking a trip. There are lots of feels, smells, temperatures, and interesting textures from velvety smooth to cooling clays. We softly guide you all along the way giving you insight as to what we are doing and why.  


Before You Leave 

Once your treatment is finished, we will assess the results. In order to get feedback, we will ask how we did to ensure quality service that delivers what our clients need. When we check you out, we will get you those products you need, and order any that we may currently not have in stockThe last step before you leave is to rebook with us for your next appointment. At this time, we will determine the frequency at which you need to come in and any homework you may need to do to keep up with the results of your treatment. Nothing speaks as clearly and effectively as BESPOKE! Yes, we extend a commitment service: custom blending 

We will check in with you periodically. And love rewarding your loyalty with complimentary samples and custom blending and free stuff after every 5th visit. 


Reminder of What to Expect 

  1. Reservation of appointment: time slots with a credit card, for contactless payments and to keep on file for mail and phone orders
  2. A Safety and Satisfaction Consult is covered to best match products and services with desired results
  3.  Service and Homecare Recommendations where improvements are desired
  4. Booking confirmations and Follow up correspondence to ensure satisfaction, giving you an opportunity to ask questions and give us feedback


Salon Etiquette 

Services and Product Pick up: By Appointment, only Wednesday-Saturday from 10 am – 5 pm (extended available)

Entrance: Front and back doors available simply ring the doorbell when locked.

Check-In: Via text, prepare to arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment for a proper consultation and changing time

Return Policy: Unopened, undamaged products may be returned for a refund within 30 days.

Exchange: Products opened may be exchanged for store credit based on the amount of product used within 30 days. Note: We offer an extensive arsenal of samples and insist on trying all products before purchasing.

Cancellation Policy: Treatments are scheduled for you specifically with highly skilled professionals. We begin preparing our rooms, products, and supplies for your treatments at the beginning of the day. A 2-hour notice is required for all appointment changes. All no-shows will incur full appointment charges, cancellations and last-minute reschedule will have a charge of $25 per scheduled hour. Gift certificate no show will forfeit the entire value of a gift card

Adults: To maintain a relaxing environment, the facility is reserved for adults only apart from brief waxing appointments. Children are welcome to receive treatments…

Scheduling: Help us by being on time so that you receive optimum results! For maximum availability, we recommend that you reschedule the appointment before leaving if you have small windows of time available.

Gratuity: Tipping is a gift that is appreciated and our greatest reward is you sharing your positive experience with others. Giving a gratuity simply says, “I really appreciate your efforts and am grateful that you are here to serve me.” We consider ourselves professional and will serve you well regardless.

Prices: Are subject to change without notice. Service price levels are varied based on technicians promotional level in our company as well as length and complexity of the service.

Payment: We accept Checks, Discover, Master Card, Visa and Cash

Consultations: To obtain the best possible results with proper product and service selections.

Gift Packages & Reservations: All products and services are available for gift purchases, simply give us your list and price guidelines. We would take such pleasure in customizing your gift for the people you have the heart to wow with a spa package. Our skin care products are also available online to purchase and set aside for pick up.




Hello friends! I believe it is important to contribute good into this world – one treatment, consult, lesson, or just plain old conversation at a time. I love to serve, I love to problem solve, and I really love to see everything at its best – even if it means a total overhaul lol. We at team Violet White promise to always give it our all & best effort every time. Your trust in us is our greatest reward. Our time together is special and precocious to us. 

Lots of care and preparation goes into your every visit. What a pleasure it is to have you come in for your self-care efforts. We must encourage one another to care for and about the little things because nothing grows when it is starved. 

 Lots o’ love 




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