Why We Love Bioelements, and You Will Too 

 In addition to at-home skin care products, Bioelements creates professional-use formulas designed to deliver your perfect skin solutions. They have been creating products that are part nature, part science, and entirely clean since 1991. Read to learn why we love Bioelements and our Bioelements Rep. Dawn Gant!

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Formula Integrity & Clean Ingredients 

Professional Skincare Products 

Bioelements Rep Dawn Gant 




Formula Integrity & Clean Ingredients 

One of the main reasons we love Bioelements is their high standard when it comes to the ingredients they use and their high-quality formulas. We know you all love clean beauty products and we always aim to please! Bioelements products blend the best of science and nature all while being free of sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, fragrance, dyesand many more known irritating, unfriendly, or allergenic ingredients. Their skin-beneficial ingredients are innovated in the lab or come straight from nature! 


Bioelements products are dermatologist, ophthalmologist, and clinically tested for both safety and efficacy. Their scientifically tested results are based on consumer perception studies and include real-world efficacy testing by top estheticians. They also participate in responsible packaging: anti-return air system tubes, recyclable glass, and pinpoint droppers, to prevent oxidation and ensure optimum performanceBioelements also loves to say NO!

– NO artificial colorants

– NO synthetic fragrance or perfume

– NO parabens, DEA or phthalates

– NO harsh irritants

– NOT tested on animals 


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Professional Skincare Products 

Another reason we love Bioelements, and you will too, is their professional-grade products that are available for us to use on you in service and for you to use a home.  


Take-Home Products 

Their trusted at-home formulas give the same professional results you can expect after receiving in-spa treatments from usBioelements is a complete line of professional skin care products that can target any concern – from wrinkles or sagging, to dark under-eye circles, to breakouts, and beyond! Bioelements has formulas designed for all skin types and concerns. There’s a formula designed for it all!  


Professional Use Products 

As skincare experts and estheticians, we love, trust, and rely on Bioelements because they put the control right in our hands as professionalsTheir professional-grade formulas are designed solely for use by trained professionals in the treatment room and can be customized by us to give you the exact skincare you need every step of the way. Bioelements keeps us, and hopefully, you, excited with constant innovation! 



Bioelements Rep. Dawn Gant 

Our Bioelements Rep. Dawn Gant (Bioelements Regional Education and Business Support Manager) is a true godsend! Her region is the entire East Coast for business support and development and education (primarily World Class Elite and World Class levels), so as an east coast business she educates us, teaches us about the science behind all of the products, keeps us up to date with trends, and teaches us the advanced techniques that enhance the efficacy of the Bioelements products. She, therefore, helps us to perform high-quality treatments and learn how to give you top-notch service! 

Dawn Gant is also in a selected group within Bioelements that tests individual ingredients, different formulations, and also final formulations before a product is brought to market whether it is a retail or a professional use only product. Having her as a teacher is truly amazing!