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We know that getting into the world of makeup can be pretty daunting. In this post, we will go over everything you do for your eyes. Read on for tips and tricks as we attack each area of interest – eyebrows, eyeshadow, concealing, and lashes. Getting refreshed and refocused is our aim with all that we have to say and all we aim to do. We want you to get the very most out of your products, your time, and your efforts. 



In this post you’ll see 

Step By Step



Under-Eye Concealing 




Step By Step

When we feel our absolute worst it is most important to take the extra effort in our grooming. Why not when choosing your make-up item, choose well instead of blindly or randomly? Time is my love language, I wish to always use it well – and maybe you do too. That being said, to begin we will get you familiar with what’s what and then venture into then the most important items to pay attention to. This is the recommended order to do your makeup routine:

  1. Prime face paying special attention to under your eyes. By doing this step first, your primer will be fully absorbed by the time you get to your concealer. 
  2. Do your brows. Fill in any gaps and don’t forget your brows are sisters, not twins. See below for more details. 
  3. Prime your eye area. Liberally work in your primer on your eye area from lids to brow to prepare for your eye shadow. If you want smudge-proof all-day wear do not skip this step! 
  4. Apply eye shadow. Choosing the right eye look will pull your whole routine together in the end. Mimi, our celeb makeup artist, has narrowed down for us two fool-proof applications one for the everyday diva or a sultry smokey look. All that is needed is a light, medium and dark color. You can literally use every eyeshadow in your bag. 
  5. Apply under-eye concealer and Color correct any darkness on the inner corner and under-eye area you may have. The only bags we like are shopping bags and handbags. 
  6. Prime your lashes. This step is super-crucial to do before your mascara and doubles as a treatment for stronger/longer lashes over time. 
  7. Apply mascara. Elongating and curling your lashes can be a game-changer for your makeup look. 
  8. Apply eye-liner. Winged or un-winged your liner can bring a dramatic flair to your look. 


Color or Formula Matching Consult – 15 min  

Know which thing you need, but not specifically the shade or formula? This is it, we will listen to you about your desired outcome and match you with color and formula solutions. This meeting time is where we will recommend products to obtain results at home. Analyzing skin conditions and desired results we will match you with the most perfect formula and color products. We look forward to exploring and analyzing your unique needs. Choose any one of the following 1. Foundation and Concealing 2. Lip and cheek color 4. Bronzing, highlighting and contouring 5. Eye shadow and eyeliner 6. Brows and Lashes. 


Product Replenishments: Product Pick Up – 5-10 min  

A scheduled time slot for product pick up when purchasing products ahead over the phone… – Curbside, In-Store, or Delivery 


Makeup Tutorials 20-45 min  

Even if you’ve mastered the makeup looks that work best for you, it’s important to keep learning in order to make the most out of your products and take your look to the next level. We recommend the 60 minute One on One Make-up Lesson. This session focuses on where, how & why, and is a definite hands-on technique. Enjoy this toward same-day makeup purchase. Your face -your products- tools, bring in your makeup kit & we will cover all aspects of teaching your personal lesson. 


All About the Eyes Class 30 min  

Welcome to our series on product discipline – getting the most out of your product purchases. Understanding how to use your products can make all the difference in the world, not to mention using your products properly will make all the difference in the health of your body, mind, and soul. Good grooming practices are cultivated with lots of practice, guidance, and encouragement. We’re sharing our wisdom + answering your biggest questions. 


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As we well know, our eyebrows are an important part of our expression and communication, as they allow us to show our emotions. They bring dramatic attention to your eyes, nose, lips, chin, and forehead whether they are perfectly shaped or not.  

To read more about brow tips click here. 



Brow Tint – semi-permanent dye is smoothed over your brows to shape and define your natural arches. 

Brow Shaping: wax, tweeze and/or trimming – method of removing unwanted hair, either as a cold or hot wax. 

Brow Lamination – involves the perming of your eyebrow hairs to provide a fuller, more even look. It can also help keep them in place after washing off any cosmetics you may wear. 

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Retractable Brow Pencil – “Ultrafine precision tip plus shaping spoolie. Ergonomic for perfect, hair-like strokes. Longwearing, water-resistant, no-smudge formula. 

PureBrow® Brow Gel – “Tame, condition, and protect your brows with our proprietary blend of high-tech sea minerals. Create smooth healthy brows that are naturally more manageable. Available in clear and tinted shades that help provide extra coverage. 

GreatShape® Eyebrow Kit – “Get perfect, natural-looking brows that are lustrous and smooth with this pigmented brow powder and nourishing botanical brow wax. The look is soft, not sticky. Travel-sized compact. 





We know that while complicated eye looks can be fun, sometimes it’s best to go with an easy and simple look.  

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to apply an eyeshadow primer before your shadow to achieve a smoother application. Priming your lids smooths out the surface, waterproofing your makeup to keep your look fresher longer.



Makeup Consult – guided help picking a product, tutorial hands-on putting the product on for a finished look. 

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Smooth Affair® for Eyes Eye Shadow/Primer – “Cream-to-powder formula works solo or as a primer. Coco glycerides and mineral powders create lustrous, chic and wearable colors that are smudge and crease-proof.” 

Eye Shadow Kit  From elegant to edgy, our silky-smooth shadows deliver the style you want while staying put for long-lasting, crease-free color. Use alone, layer or blend together for different looks. 

PurePressed® Eye Shadow Triple – “From elegant to edgy, these silky, richly pigmented, long-lasting and easily blended eye shadows can create any look. Use them wet or dry; they’re gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.” 



Under-Eye Concealing  

It takes more than maintaining a good skin care routine can help prevent unwanted bags. We have tips to help you cover up your dark spots and wrinkles through concealing. Concealer is the most effective tool for hiding dark under-eye circles and Jane Iredale carries many products to help this process.  


Quick Tips:  

  1. Yellow conceals redness and Peach hides blue, purple or grey.
  2. Use a color corrector on inner corner, blend with a foundation brush
  3. Dab concealer over under-eye circles, blend down to crease of nose to outer corner of the eye 
  4. Blot your concealer to prevent caking and creasing. 
  5. Dot on forehead, between nose, bow of lip and on the chin to highlight the oval of the face. 



Jane Iredale Circle/ Delete Concealer  Conceals and diminishes the appearance of dark under-eye circles while softening the appearance of fine lines around eyes. The two colors can be blended in order to achieve the exact shade required. 

Jane Iredale Active Light Under-eye Concealer  An under-eye concealer and facial highlighter that refracts light for a soft-focus finish while providing sheer to medium coverage for under-eye shadows. It conceals while it brightens. 

Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer  The ultimate concealer for very dark under eye circles, hyperpigmentation or bruising. De-puffs and corrects wrinkles 




Lash products are a quick-and-easy way to amplify your eyes and can make you look like you have it together (even if you really don’t). Here are our suggestions to maintain the flirtiest part of your look. 


Mascara Technique Pro-Tip:  

  1. Use the tip of the brush like a windshield wiper to get product on
  2. Swipe across the top for a coating on top 
  3. Go back up underneath starting at the base and move side to side as you go up the lash 
  4. Concentrate on the outer lash give the ends some extra love and pull them out  



Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara – “For those who want it all: welldefined, longer looking lashes and buildable volume!
PureLash® Lengthening Mascara – “Get natural-looking, extra-long lashes that are thick and feathery. Our proprietary formula conditions and strengthens while the dual-edged brush makes it easy to maximize lashes top and bottom. 

PureLash® Mascara – “For those with sensitive eyes who still want luscious lashes. 

PureLash® Lash Extender & Conditioner – “A single coat of this conditioner before applying mascara will help strengthen, lengthen and thicken your lashes, making the mascara twice as effective. Pro-Tip: You can also use this product to nurish your brows and hold them in place! 




We absolutely love multitasking, but if you’re going to do something why not really make it count. This is my take when it comes to buying and applying makeup. When choosing an under-eye concealer, shadow primer, lash primer, or mascara why not correct instead of merely covering? This is actually a common ribbon that runs through the Jane Iredale concept overall.  

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As proud, authorized Jane Iredale resellers we love the companies philosophy. In the words of Jane Iredale,Clean makeup can deliver beautiful results. In a beauty world of no’s and don’ts, we are all about can. Beauty that can perform without harmful toxins. Beauty that can strengthen skin with beneficial botanicals. Beauty that can bring out your absolute best. Be a #BeautyThatCan.”


Love you lots,




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