The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Care of Acneic Skin

When dealing with acne, it can be very difficult to craft the perfect routine to clear your skin. And we know it can be frustrating when you try out a new acne solution, and it doesn’t work. So, if you are unsure what path to take to clear your skin, no worries, we’ve got your back. Read on to learn our solutions recommendations as well as the dos and don’ts of taking care of Acneic skin.


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Key Acne-Fighting Ingredients

We know that figuring out which acne product to buy can be super confusing when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. There is definitely an overwhelming amount of options, but for acne remedies, it is important to understand a product’s features before you buy. There is a great number of ingredients you should be looking for when shopping acne products, but these are our top eight!

Salicylic Acid (BHA) penetrates pores and reduces blackheads/whiteheads. This beta-hydroxy acid is an effective and powerful exfoliant that helps keep pores clear by exfoliating inside the hair follicle and comes from Willow tree bark.

Benzoyl Peroxide feeds oxygen into the skin killing anerobic bacteria, removing excess oil, and exfoliating dead skin cells. When using Benzoyl Peroxide, it’s best to build up tolerance to this powerful ingredient over time. Watch out though– this heavy-weight ingredient has been known to bleach fabrics.

Clay is not just for making pottery – clay is a calming ingredient in acne treatments (usually masks) thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to soothe the skin and temporarily reduce oil production.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA’S) sloughs off dead skin cells that cause pimple-producing clogged pores and leave you with smoother, softer skin.

Retinol exfoliates the dead skin cells that cause clogs and lead to acne. It also minimizes the appearance of large pores.

Glycolic Acid (AHA) releases and dissolves dead skin cells resulting in clearing up blocked pores and blackheads. It reacts with the top layer of skin, breaking it down by dissolving sebum and other substances that bind cells together.

Sulfur removes dead skin cells that clog pores and helps remove excess oil. It’s often combined with other ingredients, such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or resorcinol. Products containing sulfur may cause dry skin. And some products have an unpleasant odor.

Tea-tree Oil is a natural blemish-fighter that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help calm acne. Research has shown that 5 percent tea-tree oil has results comparable to 5 percent benzoyl peroxide. But this natural remedy can be too harsh for some; people with sensitive skin or eczema should be careful about using tea-tree oil.

Lactic Acid (AHA) is a larger molecule; therefore, it is less volatile than Glycolic Acid. This means it’s great for inflamed irritated skin and it has a hydrating effect to help balance the skin.

Charcoal has antibacterial properties that absorb oil and dirt, thus helping to lift bacteria from the pores. This ingredient can help reverse the side effects of pollution and leave skin fresh and smooth.



Acne Dos and Don’ts

While anyone can get acne, it can vary in severity person-to-person and can be affected by things like genetics and hormone changes. Here are eight things to do and not to do to help say bye, bye to acne and let your personality shine through!

DON’T Overdo Face Cleansing: It may seem intuitive that cleansing your face more can help get rid of those pesky zits and blackheads, but you may just make things worse. Over cleansing your face will strip your skin of the natural oils it needs.

DO Watch Your Sun Exposure: Some acne medications can also make you more sensitive to the sun. If you’ll be outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat and soft, breathable fabrics to cover your vulnerable skin and ALWAYS USE CHEMICAL-FREE SUNSCREEN.

DON’T Be Cruel to Your Skin: Avoid products that irritate your skin, vigorous scrubbing or rubbing, touching or resting your hands on your face, squeezing, picking and frequent popping. Otherwise, you may risk skin inflammation, discoloration, and scarring.

DO Watch What You Eat & Drink: While junk food won’t cause your acne, a poor diet definitely won’t help it. Make sure to stay hydrated and stick to a balanced diet rich in lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid consuming sweetened or artificially sweetened beverages and limit sugars and carbohydrates in your diet. If the body is stressed out trying to handle unhealthy food intake, it won’t have the energy to battle your acne.

DON’T Overdo Your Makeup: Many individuals with problematic acne use cosmetics to try and conceal acne, but more makeup and heavy makeup can block pores leading to more acne—creating a vicious cycle. Try to limit the amount you use and gently cleanse it off when possible. Use lighter, cleaner cosmetics and remember to cleanse your makeup brushes and sponges regularly to prevent oil and bacteria from building up.

DO Clean Your Phone: Our smartphones are almost like another appendage of our bodies these days—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your phone can harbor bacteria, including the kind that contribute to acne, so make sure you regularly disinfect your phone.

DON’T Over Examine Your Skin: Be careful with mirrors—especially those over-magnified makeup mirrors. No one’s skin looks fully normal with that much magnification, and we know how easy it can be to get addicting to examining our skin.

DO See a Skin Expert: Don’t let acne keep you from putting your best face forward. If you or a family member is having concerns, challenges, or problems with your skin, controlling acne or cystic lesions, schedule a consult appointment with us to determine the best route for your skin. We also recommend seeing a dermatologist.

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Products We Recommend

We have already talked a bit about finding the right products to treat acne and the ingredients to look for. Bioelements products target the trigger factors of acne – excess sebum, pore-clogging dead cells, bacteria, and inflammation – with the highest level of acne medicines. Jane Iredale’s clean makeup has the perfect options for cosmetics that will coverup skin imperfections all the while feeding the skin. Here are our recommendations to both clear up your acne and cover it without using anything too heavy!


Treat your acne with 3 essential steps:

Cleanse: Spotless Cleanser removes all traces of surface bacteria with maximum strength 2% salicylic acid while allowing acne-prone skin to heal from existing pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Tone: Target problem skin with Acne Toner to help eliminate excess sebum – one of the main triggers of acne – featuring 0.5% salicylic acid to treat existing acne and keep skin clear of new breakouts.

Treat: Amino Mask’s 5% sulfur OTC formula penetrates pores, removes excess oils and reduces acne pimples, while exfoliating lactic acid removes dulling dead cells to keep skin smooth and clear.

Bioelements Acne Recommendations:

Beyond Hydration: This refreshing gel formula prevents moisture loss and binds needed water to the surface with pro-vitamin B5, adaptogenic Chinese herbs, and energizing essential oils. Non-greasy, it leaves skin refreshed and completely comfortable. Packaged with a convenient spatula to keep formula effective, safe + free from contamination.

Kerafole: Reveal new radiance with this cult-fave, 10-minute tingling face mask with natural exfoliating citric and malic acids, plus hydrating algae, stimulating ginko biloba and kelp. Skin appears brighter and feels smoother. Impurities gone. Pores improved. Skin revitalized. Packaged with a convenient spatula to keep formula effective, safe + free from contamination.

Breakout Control: A 5% OTC pharmaceutical-grade benzoyl peroxide lotion for acne breakouts that’s light, hydrating and works invisibly. Clears acne pimples and allows skin to heal, as it helps prevent new acne blemishes. Wear it under makeup or alone. Dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating.

Oxygenation: A boost of stabilized hydrogen peroxide plus lavender oil diffuses directly into skin’s cellular layers – as the molecules “push” their way down, they transport active ingredients into the skin. Gives skin exhausted by age, stress, or smoke a clean, fresh feeling with refined radiance. Consider it a revitalizing breath of fresh air for sapped skin. Packaged with a convenient spatula to keep formula effective, safe + free from contamination.

Restorative Clay: Visibly improves the look of pores. Its natural clay base works like a vacuum to absorb excess oil and dirt, while adaptogenic plant extracts smooth skin’s texture and improve hydration. Skin looks fresh, healthy, and bright. Packaged with a convenient spatula to keep formula effective, safe + free from contamination.


Jane Iredale Acne Recommendations:

Skin Accumax®: Skin Accumax is a nutritional supplement designed to promote healthy skin in order to help clear non-cystic acne and improve problem skin in general. An Advanced Nutrition Programme nutritional supplement made with a patented formula of vitamins A, C, and E plus diindolylmethane (DIM).

Dream Tint® Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15: A hydrating, lightweight, water-resistant tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. Formulated with lightweight minerals, a tinted moisturizer that not only hydrates and provides sheer to medium coverage but helps prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

Disappear™ Full Coverage Concealer: Disappear covers breakouts and helps to soothe the skin. A matte, opaque concealer that camouflages acne, scars, tattoos, veins and port wine stains with only two layers of the highly pigmented, state-of-the-art liposome formula, you will have full coverage.

PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation SPF 20/15: A pressed mineral foundation that is slightly more sheer and matte than the loose powders, made from micronized minerals, oil free and weightless. Glide this weightless sheer matte foundation on for a look that’s just like your own skin, only better.

Beyond Matte™ Liquid Foundation: A clean, weightless, multitasking 3-in-1 foundation with buildable, stay-put coverage and a natural-looking semi-matte finish. Formulated with skin-nourishing, plant-based ingredients.

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I love playing up my natural oily skin with a more controlled glass skin finish. But if you want to really keep your skin looking beautifully semi-matte, here is my favorite Jane Iredale Power of Three:

Smooth Affair for Oily Skin- will leave your skin perfectly prepped while tightening your pore with our PoreAway Technology and giving an extra layer that your oil has to fight through to get to your foundation.

PurePressed Powder- The perfect oily skin foundation! This product leaves the skin looking flawless and of course, our skin-loving ingredients will leave your skin feeling soothed and nourished!

Balance Spray- Did you know that this contains 3% of green tea extract, that is the perfect amount to balance your skin and sebum production. This spray will leave your skin hydrated with a semi-matte finish while setting your powder foundation to your skin.

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