Spa Awards


Brianna made me feel at ease and did a wonderful job with my pedicure! I love my toes now. 🥰 Thank you!
Spa Pedicure
Michele Y.
August 15, 2020

Always a positive experience. Violet and Brianna have done wonders for my skin.
Product pick up.
Chris B.
August 14, 2020

Great Job and very professional.
Brow Shaping or Clean Up
Toby F.
August 13, 2020

Violet is the best and so knowledgeable about the type of products to use for sensitive skin!
Bikini Wax High & Tight
Megan L.
August 13, 2020

First time getting a facial. It was so relaxing I fell asleep af some point. I gave a goal of what I wanted my skin to look like after the facial and I am super pleased.
Will definitely be returning.

Tieasha G.
July 9, 2020

I loved my facial and not only great for my skin but such a relaxing experience. The environment is always so inviting and the scent of essential oils takes me away…. best thing I’ve done for myself probably since the last service!
Virtual Consult: SkinReading, Skin Analysis or Custom Blending Consultation
Lori S.
June 20, 2020

Violet goes above and beyond.
I learned a lot about my skin and OTC products in 24hrs.
Virtual Consult: SkinReading, Skin Analysis or Custom Blending Consultation
Narvie Y.
May 27, 2020

Great and friendly service, welcoming atmosphere always
…like hanging out with friends – so relaxing.
Brow Shaping or Clean Up
Lori S.
February 1, 2020

Violet does an awesome job!!!
Ultra Resurfacing Treatment
Louise R.
January 24, 2020

Outstanding customer service great products and
Brianna made me look gorgeous with my makeover!
Makeup Application
Connie M-S.
January 24, 2020

Because Violet and Bri are always asking how to make my experience meet my expectations. They know me so well that they offer suggestions and reminders for products or routines that I may have forgotten.
Thanks for keeping the customer first.
Signature Spa Pedicure
Kim P.
January 4, 2020

Brianna is so helpful and knowledgeable with her skincare and make up.
I love my new makeup and brush applicator.
Complimentary Makeup Consultation
Paige G.
December 11, 2019

Excellent pedicure, excellent care & attention to needs.
Spa Pedicure
Margaret H.
November 15, 2019

Both Brianna and Violet take the time and effort to make sure all services are tailored to my needs. They are also lovely women who make you feel welcome and are appreciative of me choosing them to take care of me.
Brow Tint
Nancy D.
November 7, 2019

The make up session helped me identify a few new products and also some great techniques for applying my make up.
I’m very pleased with the results of my makeover!
Makeup Tutorial
Alison E.
October 12, 2019

fabulous facial, relaxing and great environment every time
…always look forward to my appointments!!
Lip Wax
Lori S.
September 14, 2019

I was so impressed with the professionalism that was displayed as well as the love and passion for the industry. I have already raved about you guys to my family and friends. I look forward to the next appointment.
You have gained a loyal customer for life.
Body Scrub
Sheena B.
September 4, 2019

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